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Roll Branding Machine
ZNC E.D.M Model : ZNC - 700

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Branding on Casting Roll and Tungsten Carbide Rings of Re-bar branding and section product branding.


  • Numeric Controller for X, Y, Z axis and other Parameters Setting.
  • Digital Display of all Parameters
    • More than 20,000 units of documents storage capacity.
    • 10 Segment Auto Editing Function.
    • Auto Arcing detection Function.
    • After power off, system restart and auto Reloads the Machine Last stage.


  • Discharge High Voltage Pulse Controls.


  • Eledrode Holding Plates.
  • Tool Kit with Dial Guage for Depth Setting.

Technical Specifications


Model No ZNC – 700

Work Place Size

1200 x 650 MM

Work Tank Size

1950 x 1050 x 650 MM

X Axis Travel

700 MM

Y Axis Travel

600 MM

Z Axis Travel

300 MM

Max. Job Diameter

950 MM

Max. Work Piece

Wt. 2000 K.G.

Machine Size

2400 x 2010 x 2740 MM(appx.)