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Automatic Bundling Machine


Automatic Bundling Machine finds utilization in wire rod Steal Plants for folding bundle of TMT Bars & Steel bars. The Automatic Bending Machine meet the needs of bundling and packaging hexagon, square, round rods and tubes. Other than this, these additionally meet the needs of bundling spherical and flat bars.


  • Available with option of bar counting for rounds
  • Can be designed to manage bundles of special weight and size capacities
  • System designed for effortless handling of the material
  • Provides for most utilization of handy space
  • Allows bundling to be achieved as per necessities in multiples of metric tonnage
  • Provides for impervious bundling that makes the merchandise effortless to transport as nicely as assist in averting pilferage possibilities
  • Bar Bundling machines on hand in distinct capacities as per customer’s requirements
  • The computerized operations offers for making use of uniform strain at ordinary intervals that end result in attaining uniform bending operations
  • Helps in keeping bar electricity that in any other case receives disturbed through guide process
  • Allows for any bend, angle or stirrups to be made
  • Superior lubrication assist that eliminates requirement for routine maintenance
  • Bars bundled are loaded into machine in bulks of 1 ton

Operations Performed

  • Accepting threaded Rods that are loaded the usage of overhead crane
  • Feeding of the threaded rods
  • Aligning threaded rods to make certain these are flawlessly square
  • Transferring bundles to wrapping station
  • Wrapping bundles by way of rope/welded plastic strips
  • Discharge bundle into completed bundle bin

Available packaging forms :

The packing form can be in form of:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Hexagonal

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