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AKSHI ENGINEERS offered high grade TMT Twin Channel Manufacturer in India installed along entry side of the cooling bed to minimize the risk of accidents while transferring the bars. This carries the bar in a closed channel until the material comes to a standstill position and discharges it to the bed below automatically.

  • The basic and prime use of twin channel is to collect the TMT bars leaving the quenching boxes after being sheared by the flying shear in two strands.
  • The twin channels capable of guiding the discharge of the rods from dividing shear.
  • The twin channel is capable of collecting bars with size up to 40mm in diameter and have a maximum speed of about 25 meters per second.
  • The closed twin channels ensure that the bars do not come out and maintain safely of the people involved in the process. The opening and closing of the channels is done through cam-shaft and follower rollers.
  • The twin channels consist of alternatively opening flaps through a hydraulic cylinder and CAM system.
  • The bar enters the closed flap that opens when the full bar has been obtained. It has a free fall on the straightening pockets of the rake type cooling bed, which moves on the fixed & moving rakes to the mill run out table.

This is an excellent system because it carries the bar during a closed channel, minimizing the accident hazards. Specifically while completing high speed rolling the system is an absolute necessity.
Its design features makes it possible to figure in conjunction with braking pinch rolls, minimizing the length of run-in. The operations of twin channel are automated and are guided by the discharge of the rods from dividing shear. An innovative idea for cast iron center boxes has drastically brought down maintenance time.

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