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Automatic Rake Type Cooling Bed


AKSHI ENGINEERS engaged in providing supreme quality Automatic Rake Type Colling Bed Manufacturers in India that's primarily used for purpose of naturally uniform air-cooling of TMT bars and transporting constant in an exceedingly phased manner.

This transporting is completed from the entry of the cooling bed to discharge facet. In this, the front end of the bars is additionally leveled at the discharge facet and a set range of bars area unit sent for final length cutting by cold shear and bundling.

The mechanism of our cooling bed assures that the bars area unit uniformly positioned over the toothed racks. Our Colling Bed Manufacturers is meant considering the finishing mill stand of the mill and cooling time needed for the varied sizes of the bar.


Fixed Grid

Straightening rakes comprising forged iron toothed blocks that assist in receiving bars and straightening it at temperature of around 600o C

Moving rakes

Movable rakes mechanism to maneuver in 'X' and 'Y' axis which can be profile move suit smallest size yet as most bar size. Drive for movable rack mechanism comprising motors driving 2 parallel sets of drive shafts.

Fixed Rakes

Fixed Rakes mechanism that receives bars from movable rack mechanism are being transferred toward delivery facet of cooling beds.

Aligning roller

Bar orientating rollers fitted at finish of racks and driven by motors for orientating bars front end before delivery to run-out roller table. We have many location wherever our Automatic Cooling Bed is running with success.

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