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For Hot Rolling Mill

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Pinch Roll & Tail Brakers


AKSHI ENGINEERS is top notch Cantilever Pinch Roll and Tail Breakers Manufacturers in India during the last decade of the 21st century reading to their widespread use was a great achievement in the field of not only rolling mill rolls but also whole steel rolling industry. We producing High speed Pinch used at completely different location in rolling mill along with before TMT extinction box and when TMT extinction box to produce consistent Tension of the Bar. The use of 2 Hi Gear Box, Solid Rolls with Cardoon Shaft provided in these DC Pinch Rolls helps in achieving uniformity in operations.


Material : M.S. Prime Plate, Graded Cast Iron
Base : Mild Steel Prime Plate Fabricated
Size : 205 mm to 360 mm (as per requirement of mill)
Barrel Length : As Suitable to the Pinch Roll.
Chocks : Steel Chocks fitted in Pinch Roll for Spherical Roller Bearing
Bearing : Imported Spherical Roller Bearing
Shaft : Jointing with Cardon Shaft
Gear Box : Includes Forged Steel Single Helical Gears with all accessories


  • Cantilever and pneumatic type Pinch Roll & Tail Breaker up to 360 MM CRS.
  • Top roll raised pneumatically or lowered with bottom roll in adjustable finish.
  • Pinch roll housing comprising sturdy welded construction.
  • Pinch rolls feature wear resistant surface with anti friction bearing mounting support.
  • Spindle provided for meeting the needs of adjustment of bottom pinch rolls
  • Pinch rolls featuring use of sensors that allows precision breaking up to speed of hot flowing material.