Turnkey Project Solution
For Hot Rolling Mill

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Turnkey Solutions

AKSHI ENGINEERS is your reliable partner with worldwide experience within the development and implementation of Turnkey Solution for TMT Bar Mill. Close cooperation with all our technical departments ensures that projects are often executed exactly in line together with your individual requirements at top of the range. We are an entire Turnkey solution provider also as a supplier of individual products and services.

Our range of Turnkey Solution of TMT Bar Mill in India includes Process Technology, Automation as well as production of the plant. Project Management and Commissioning all from a single source.

AKSHI ENGINEERS broad wealth of experience makes it possible to offer Turnkey Solutions of entire Project which Includes the followings:

AKSHI ENGINEERS provides you with several models for turnkey order execution:

  • EPC Self-Performing: AKSHI ENGINEERS takes the contract because the general contractor for Engineering / acquisition / Construction, being answerable for the project management of method plant, peace officer services and peace officer instrumentality, providing own engineering and complete sub-supplier management.
  • EPC Partnering: collectively language the client contract with a syndicate partner, a split of responsibilities is outlined inside the syndicate.
  • Turnkey Service Model: Within the EPCM-model (Engineering / acquisition / Construction / Management) 2 separate contracts are signed: An offer contract for the method plant associate degreed an EPCM contract for the balance-of-plant facilities.

Mechanical Supply

  • Shed Designing, Supply and Installation
  • All Cranes Supply and Installation
  • Complete Equipment for Rolling Mill Supply and Installation
  • Process Management
  • Load Trial with optimum efficiency

Electrical Supply

  • HV/MV/LV Switchgear
  • HT Switchyard as per capacity of the Plant
  • Distribution Type Transformers for AC Motors and Auxiliary Load
  • Converter Duty Type Transformers for DC Motor Load
  • AC/DC Distribution System
  • SCADA & PLC Automation
  • Commissioning of Entire equipment