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For Hot Rolling Mill

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For optimized rolling between stands, loopers maintain a loop to ensure that there is no tension in the rolled material. Looper and tension control is important in hot strip mills because they affect the strip quality as well as strip threading.

AKSHI ENGINEERS make both, Horizontal loopers and Vertical Loopers along with Necessary instrumentation like loop scanners and automation.

Horizontal Looper

Horizontal loopers store strip on a horizontal rotary table. Where the space is available this is the most efficient and cheapest method of storing strip without causing any surface damage. Like Spiral Accumulator and the Free Loop Accumulator.


Vertical Looper

Loopers works with Automatic Sensor called LOOP SCANNER. It is an electronic device which accurately measures the size of the loop on wire, rod and profile mills, even for special metals, and in the presence of steam and fumes.


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